Terms and Conditions

Key facts – for your Information

Thank you for choosing to buy your practical plan with White Doves Funeral Planning.

Here are some of the points we discussed in relation to the plans we offer including our Silver, Gold and Repatriation plans.  The points most relevant to you and your family will be related to your chosen plan.

We work with Funeral Directors that have been carefully selected by us to ensure your plan is implemented at the time of need with the highest level of quality and care.

Section 1 – The payment options available and plan prices

1.1 There are 2 different ways to pay for your funeral plan:

i)              the single payment option where you make one payment

ii)             the fixed monthly payment option

1.2 The plan prices are as follows (as of March 2022):

                The Silver Plan               –  2495 euros (fully paid only)

                The Gold Plan                –   3995 euros

                The Repatriation Plan    –   6995 euros


Section 2 – What is included and not included in your funeral plan

2.1 White Doves Funeral Planning agrees to provide your funeral plan.  Our agreement is with you (whether or not you purchased the funeral plan), or any person you nominate to receive the funeral services

2.2 Your funeral plan covers:

your funeral services in line with your chosen plan

2.3. Your funeral plan does not cover:

2.3.1 any additional costs arising because of a change to your funeral requirements

2.3.2 any additional costs because you or a family member ask for a change in the selected funeral director

2.3.3 any additional costs incurred by the selected funeral director if the time taken for the funeral is (at your own or your estate’s request) significantly longer than the number of mortuary days itemised in your specific plan

2.3.4 any transport costs incurred if you die outside of Spain bringing the body back to an airport or port in Spain,

2.4 The price of your funeral plan covers only the specific funeral services described by us in our plan description and does not include a wake or additional items such as extra flowers or funeral cars.

Section 3 – Applies where you have chosen the single payment option

3.1 You must pay the total cost in a single payment to White Doves Funeral Planning.

White Doves Funeral Planning takes a management fee to cover the operating expenses.  The balance remains in the client account which is  used to pay your future funeral services in line with your selected plan choice.

3.2 There are no age or health restrictions.

3.3 You must write and tell us about any change to your circumstances including any change to your address.

Section 4 – Applies only where you have chosen the monthly payment option

4.1 You must pay the total cost over an agreed set period. You will have paid a deposit and then pay a set amount each month by Direct Debit.

4.2 The fixed monthly payments cannot be reduced. You can choose to pay lump sums on top of your payments if you decide or increase your monthly payment in order to complete the payment earlier.  The amount of the monthly payment depends on the funeral plan chosen by you.

4.3 The monthly payment is not available after attaining the age of 75 (seventy-five) years.

4.4  If, at the date of your death any payment is in arrears or any part of the total cost is still unpaid, we will only provide the funeral services when the outstanding balance is paid.

4.5  We will refund all the money you have paid if you cancel your funeral plan within 14 days of the start date (cooling off period).  If you cancel after those 14 days, we will charge a cancellation fee of 495 euros. This fee will be deducted from the amount refunded.


Section 5 – Transfer of funeral services to another person

5.1 For all payment options, you can transfer the benefit of the funeral services to a nominated family member who dies before you.

5.2 Your funeral plan is for one person and provides funeral services for you or your nominated family member only.

5.3 If there is any dispute with family members under this section, the benefits of your funeral plan will stay with you. We will not be responsible for resolving any such dispute.

Section 6 – General provisions including cancellation


6.1 Your funeral plan cannot be cancelled after your death.  If any person wishes to have your funeral carried out by someone other than the selected funeral director, unless otherwise agreed by us, they must pay for such funeral arrangements themselves.

6.2  We may cancel your funeral plan if you fail to pay any sums which are due on a monthly payment plan.  If we cancel for such reasons, we will write to you immediately to tell you. Without affecting your statutory rights, we will refund the money you have paid less our cancellation fee of 495 euros.

6.3 To cancel your contract you can contact us in writing at White Doves Funeral Planning, Calle Ramon & Cajal No.1 Benijofar 03178 Alicante Spain.  If you cancel by post, we recommend you obtain proof of postage. All your statutory rights are unaffected.

6.4 All refunds made by us will be paid (1) to the person who made the original payment to us and (2) in line with the original method of payment, less our cancellation charge of 495 euros if more than 14 days from the original contract signing date.

6.5 We will communicate with and follow instructions from either you or your representative on all matters relating to your funeral services. References to you will, therefore, include references to your representative (instead of you) where appropriate. If there is any inconsistency between instructions given by you (or any person legally authorised to deal with your affairs) and by your representative in relation to the funeral services, we will follow your instructions (or the instructions of any legally authorised persons).

Section 7 – General Data Protection Regulations

7.  General Data Protection Rules tell us how we must look after personal information and how information can be shared. This means that if you nominate a family member to receive funeral services, we may not be able to provide information to you without that person’s consent.

7.1 The selected funeral director undertakes to process your personal data (and that of any representative or other person whose data is obtained and held in connection with your funeral plan) The selected funeral director will take appropriate technical and organisational measures against the unauthorised or unlawful processing of your personal data and the accidental loss or destruction of, or damage to, your personal data.

Section 8 – Applicable Law

8. European law applies to your funeral plan

For your information our Solicitor on behalf of White Doves Funeral Planning is

Daniel Macias Vazquez, Colegiado/a 6174 ALICANTE – email: dmacia-vazquez@icali.es

Section 9 – Complaints

9. If you are not satisfied with any part of your funeral plan, you should first contact our Customer Resolution Team. White Doves Funeral Planning, Calle Ramon & Cajal No.1 Benijofar 03178 Alicante Spain

We will acknowledge your complaint within 7 working days of receiving it and will take no more than 20 days to resolve your complaint.

Thank you once again for choosing White Doves Funeral Planning

White Doves Funeral Planning is a trading style of

MCortexx Repatriations Ltd (company number 734576), Registered Office- Omnipro, Main Street, Ferns, Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford Y21 F7P8